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Celebrating the Holidays with MMHO

I blinked and it’s somehow already December….. Seriously! Just like that, it went from Halloween to the Holidays! 

Though different this year than in years past, we will make everything merry + bright with an outlook of brighter days ahead. This has nothing to do with organizing and everything to do with being grateful. 

If you know me, you know I love a good tradition. As a New Yorker, I have so many amazing experiences right at my fingertips! Though we’re benching the majority of our typical holiday festivities until sounder times, we’re going to make sure to sneak in some holiday lights and winter merriment. 

Celebrating the Holidays, MMHO Style

In years past, we’ve kicked off the holiday season with the Macy’s Day Parade! We had the most special view watching from offices right above 6th Avenue! To say I was like a kid in a candy store would be an understatement. I grew up watching the Macy’s Day Parade, so...

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The MMHO 5-Step Process to Getting Organized (+ Why You Should Care about Organizing!)

If you’re just stumbling across the blog, I want to introduce myself. I’m Marci! I am the founder and solopreneur behind Marci McAvoy Home Organizing. MMHO is based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, but my team loves to travel near and far! 

My mission is simple. I help busy women simplify their lives by decluttering and creating bespoke systems to lend form and function to their everyday lives so all can thrive.


Why I Care About Organizing + Why You Should Too!

Way back when I began my organizing journey, I quickly realized how big of an impact having an organized space can have on daily life. In fact, it was so transformational to me that I decided to start this business in order to help women just like you feel the same effects!

Ladies, organizing is a form of self-care. Actually, more like family-care. 

Did you know that studies have shown decluttering reduces stress and depression? It’s true! According to a study by UCLA’s Center for Everyday...

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How to Reduce Stress When Preparing for a Move

Did you know that 80% of all moves happen between the months of May and September? Knowing that this summer has been “weird,” you would think it might be a little slower than usual… but from what I can tell, plenty of people have been super busy with moving!

I think we can all agree that moving, whether during COVID or not, can feel like a daunting task. And that is because it is! I mean let’s break it down... think about all the “life events” that are considered “major….” This list of the 10 Most Stressful Life Events lists moving as #7! MOVING is right there sticking it’s big M out at us so we know it’s MAJOR. 

I am here to tell you that if you are moving, though it is major, you can do it! There are proven strategies that will help reduce stress when preparing for a move. In this blog post, I am going to share my top 5 tips that will decrease your overall stress when preparing for a move. I’ve got...

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Organizing Small Wins: 3 Small Spaces to Kickstart Your Decluttering

If you’re at the beginning of your organizing journey, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the spaces and projects you have to tackle — but it doesn’t have to be that way! I want to show you some organizing small wins you can take on today, so you can start creating better habits and building positive momentum towards a beautiful, functional, organized home.

A small step in a positive direction sets you up for an easy win, and an easy win sets you up for positive momentum. Small, simple changes over time all add up to create positive habit shifts. (In other words, you’ve got this!)

Before we dive in, be sure to grab a copy of my handy ‘Small Space Wins’ printable. It’s going to help you feel even more motivated + confident in your ability to tackle these small spaces and kickstart that positive momentum.

Here are my 3 favorite spaces to organize to get that small win feeling. Try one today, and let me know in the comments...

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Tips on Meal Planning for the Meal Planning Hater (With Free Printable Template)

If you’re anything like me, meal planning doesn’t get you excited. The idea of spending hours in the kitchen preparing delicious and nutritious meals for your family sounds like a great idea in theory, but actually doing it is something else altogether. And now that we’re all staying home to stay safe,  you probably feel like you have to cook all. the. time.

Don’t worry, friend. I’ve got you covered with my tips on meal planning, you can simplify the process (even if you hate it). I’ve also created some free meal planning printables to help you save time, energy and money in the process.

Why meal planning?

There are SO many reasons why you should consider meal planning: just to name a few, it saves you time, energy, and money. 

I know what you’re thinking, though. “Is it really that life-changing, Marci?” And the answer is YES!

I haven’t always been a meal planner, but I embraced it as part of my normal weekly...

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