I’m here to help you simplify by

decluttering and organizing your space.
Hello, friend.

Do you have a space in your home that is cluttered and adds stress to your daily routine? Are you constantly searching for your belongings?

Or maybe you’ve finally purged your closet, your pantry, the kids’ playroom, or another space in your home, but now you have no idea how you’re actually going to set it up?

I’m here to help you organize your space to better serve your family, so you can open up your home and life to more efficiency, creativity and calm with functional, stylish spaces.


What you can expect when you work with me...

An organized space(s) with form + function, so you stress less + move with ease through your day to day.

Editing our way to more space and less clutter so maintenance is manageable and becomes routine for you and yours.

Reflecting your lifestyle and creating personalized organizational systems with style and function in mind, so all may thrive.

A maintenance plan for everyone in the home... from partners, kids, sitters, cleaners. Familiarity with the system is key!

The MMHO Services

1:1 Organizing Services

This is a tailored, one-on-one package with me, Marci! I am available in 6-hour or 12-hour packages. This service is perfect for getting a space decluttered and set up specific for your needs and style! You’ll benefit from ease and efficiency, systems that lend to positive routines, and less stress from a cluttered space.

Virtual Organizing

This is a FaceTime or Zoom 1:1 session! You get my exact step-by-step process – virtually! This service includes personalized product recommendations with a layout plan for your organized space! We'll start with the 20-minute discovery call, you'll implement, then we'll end with an hour follow-up call.

Custom Move-In

This is a favorite for those who are moving into a new space and ready for a fresh start with bespoke systems, implemented right from the start! Or, perhaps you’ve recently gone through a renovation and want to set up your space with form + function so you can have continued ease + efficiency. This is for you, friend!

A La Carte

Just in case you need an additional hour or two, we can add to any package. Plus, packages can be broken into multiple projects based on consultation assessment! Do you want an idea as to what can be accomplished with a 6-hour or 12-hour package? We can chat about that in our discovery call! 

How do we get started?

Step 1

Discovery Call

We’ll chat for 20-minutes to discover your needs + wants!

Step 2


We’ll meet to assess your project + I’ll send a proposal.

Step 3


We’ll plan a date to create a space you’ll want to revel in!

Let's get more form and function into your home.
Kitchen Organization
Home Organization
Pantry Organization
Living room organization

"A new sense of ease and comfort for our family."

Marci turned an overwhelming and daunting task into a new sense of ease and comfort for our family.

She implemented new systems with great tools like dividers and storage units that have helped me and my family keep everything organized and tidy. 

She transformed my husband's closet with solutions to maximize the space. Our pantry is now arranged in a systematic way making it easy for my kids to access their own snacks!

Marci changed our lives for the better.

- Keri | Fidi, NYC

"I found myself breathing easier. This would have taken me months"

I was overwhelmed post-renovation. Marci came in, prioritized the spaces to get organized and provided great-looking solutions.

I found myself breathing easier after our first session!

A crazy catch-all closet is now organized, labeled and fully functional. She also tackled our kitchen, bedroom, playroom, storage closet and bathrooms. They function so seamlessly for our family!

This project would have taken me months, not to mention it would not look as good. 

- Rachele | Park Slope, Brooklyn